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In this issue:

* Mandriva Linux 2010.2
* Mandriva Enterprise Server 5.2
* Mandriva Pulse 2 v 1.3.0
* Mandriva at  FOSDEM 2011
* Mandriva Brazil and the Classmate PC
* Mandriva and Smile : a new partnership
* Mandriva and the Creolinux project
* Mandriva PulseWhite Paper
* Mandriva New Research and Development projects
* Recruiting: Mandriva teams are expanding
* What’s new in the Mandriva Store?

Mandriva Team wishes you an excellent year 2011!


# Mandriva Linux 2010.2

Based on its new product strategy, Mandriva changes the release procedure,
aiming for a one-year period between major releases. However, Mandriva
will also release updated versions of its products on a periodic time on a
6-month basis. Thus, Mandriva Linux 2010.2 is the first product following
this new strategy, it is based on Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring (Mandriva
Linux 2010.1) plus 5000+ updated and renewed packages.

# Mandriva Entreprise Server 5.2

MES 5 comes with not only corrective but also evolutive maintenance which
allows users to take advantage of the latest distribution components. MES
5.2 integrates new features of virtualisation with tools of administration
for a simple management in everyday life.
The main feature of  Mandriva  Enterprise  Server  5.2  is  its  enhanced
hardware compatibility.
Find out more at:

# World-wide release of Mandriva Pulse 2 version 1.3.0

Manage your IT set-up with Pulse 2: Mandriva Pulse 2 version 1.3.0 is an
Open Source tool that simplifies application deployment, inventory, and
maintenance of an IT network.
Mandriva Pulse 2 is a solution for the management of workstations, mobile
computers and servers, designed to help users manage their information
systems, notably in heterogenous environments.
In a nutshell, Mandriva Pulse 2 will:
– Supervise large scale and/or small, satellite facilities through the
use of a single web interface console;
– Create and deploy hard disk images of computers (new imaging module);
– Deploy new software and security updates on all IT assets;
– Perform software and hardware inventory;
– Carry out remote diagnostics and remote management.

For more information on Mandriva Pulse 2 go to:
Our sales staff can be reached at : or +33 (0)1 55 43 24 76

# Mandriva at FOSDEM 2011

Mandriva was  present  at  FOSDEM  2011 held in Brussels last weekend,
(5th and  6th February). The event, held  every  year, hosted more than
3000 players in the  Open  Source  and Free Software. Mandriva had a booth
where  demonstrations  of the latest Mandriva products were presented,
including: Mandriva Pulse 2, Mandriva Entreprise Server, Mandriva  Smart
Desktop. Mandriva  also  participated  in  the  mini-conference on Linux
distributions by giving a presentation on  the use of formal methods to
analyze the Linux kernel, in  collaboration  with the Laboratory for
Computer Science, University of  Tours, “Model Checking the Linux Kernel?
“- by  Alexander  Lissy.
More information:

# Mandriva Brazil and the Classmate PC: Intel Classmate netbook  with
Mandriva Linux for Brazilian schoolchildren

The Brazilian government education authority has selected Intel-powered
classmate PCs running Mandriva Linux for educational use nationwide.
Mandriva is working with its hardware manufacturing partner Positivo, to
deliver this open source solution which will help teachers to improve
students’ learning. This will also be one of the world’s biggest organized
deployments of Linux, with a potential to reach 1.5 million units, and
confirms Linux as a key, cost-effective alternative PC operating system.
The Brazilian government’s decision to choose Intel Learning Series
solutions running Mandriva Linux on classmate PCs reaffirms Linux as the
preferred operating system for the global education market with Mandriva
as the Linux education market leader.

# Mandriva and Smile : a new partnership

Mandriva and  Smile  have  signed a partnership agreement whereby Smile
can  distribute the proceeds of asset management: Mandriva  Pulse  2.
Jean-Philippe  Maurin, VP  Sales  of  Mandriva, said: « Smile  is  the
leading  integrator  of  open source in France and Europe. This  unique
position and the recognized technical expertise of  Smile  teams  bring
real added value based on the intrinsic qualities of Pulse  2. The
synergy between  our  two  companies  can  meet  the requirements of our
customers and  prospects. Through this partnership, Mandriva underlines
its desire to expand its presence in the  European market ».

# Mandriva and the Creolinux project

Créolinux is  an  operating system based on Mandriva Linux distribution
with  the distinction of being ‘100% Réunion’. This project is supported
by Thierry Laude, Professor of philosophy, but also a great  Linux fan.
In September 2010, Créolinux was distributed  under the  PoP, the Plan
laptop  initiated  by the Region of the island of Reunion. Créolinux has
already sold several thousand copies making it the leader on this project
through its rich functionality and ergonomics.

# Mandriva Pulse White Paper

Mandriva presents  its  White  Paper  on  Open Source solutions for asset
management. For  the first time, a summary document outlines the  issues
and needs  to be addressed and the main solutions available. With this
White Paper, we seek to stimulate the strategic thinking of decision
makers and help IT managers in their evaluation process. Click on the link
below to download our free White Paper:

Mandriva New Research and Development projects

# AEOLUS ‘project under way

The project’s main objective is to solve certain Aeolus scientific
challenges posed by cloud computing, especially to reduce the gap between
the solutions of “Infrastructure as a Service” and those offering
“Platform as a Service”.  Ultimately, this is to facilitate the
development of tools and applications to automate the deployment,
reconfiguration and updating of heterogenous IT infrastructure. This
research will be integrated into Mandriva Pulse 2 and will significantly
reduce maintenance costs and scalable distributed architectures that are
at the heart of Cloud, and the costs of developing applications in Cloud.
The three-year project involves the University of Paris Diderot, INRIA,
the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Mandriva. Aeolus is sponsored
by the National Agency of Research.

# CompatibleOne Project

CompatibleOne is a collaborative project whose objective is the
development of an open source cloudware stack that is open to third party
components and interoperable with other cloud environments. CompatibleOne,
a project born within Systematic Workgroup Free, aims at materializing
this union. The envisaged outcome should lead to open source techniques to
enable the transferability from one cloud to another. CompatibleOne
project actually tries to meet a clear need : to encourage companies
apprehensive about confidentiality and security and restricted to a single
provider to switch to cloud. CompatibleOne aims clearly to overcome this
restriction. Moreover, the project has the support of influential Open
Source actors, including Nuxeo, Mandriva, Enova, Prologue, Nexedi, Bull,
INRIA and, on the academic side, the Institute of Telecom, plus the OW2

# Solen Project

Since September 2010, Mandriva is also involved in Solen (interoperable
Electronic Reading Unplugged) within the cluster Cap Digital. Solen is a
grouping of three sub-collaborative research projects contributing to a
common goal of technological innovation: playback on mobile electronic

# The Mandriva teams are expanding

Mandriva has moved to new premises at 8 rue de la Michodière in Paris.
Several engineers joined Mandriva late 2010 and early 2011 in France and
Brazil. Mandriva continues to expand its team and is currently seeking
applicants for the following positions:
– M / F Developer Linux general – CDI – Metz, France
– H / F Engineer cloud Mandriva – CDI – Paris, France
– H / F Presales Engineer – CDI, Paris, France
– H / F Support and Quality Control – CDI – Paris, France
– M / F Accountant – CDI – Paris, France
– H / F Assistant (e) E-Commerce – Internship – Paris, France
For more information:

What’s new on the Mandriva Store?

# New Mandriva Flash 2010.2

A mobile desktop in your pocket! The new Mandriva Flash 2010.2 USB key
will be proposed  very soon in our store :

# Mandriva Tux pops back

We’re pleased to welcome back the Linux mascot, theTux, displaying the
Mandriva colours.
You can order it at :

# Rediscover the complete Mandriva Linux range:

Rediscover the range of Mandriva Linux… and many more surprises:

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