NEW • Distribution Release: TinyMe 2008.1

TinyMe 2008.1, a minimal, but expandable desktop Linux distribution based on PCLinuxOS, has been released: “KDulcimer is proud to announce the birth of TinyMe 2008.1 ‘Droplet’. Weighing in at a small 150 MB, this slimmed-down offshoot of PCLinuxOS gives you a very minimal, very fast and lightweight, yet powerful and easily expandable Linux desktop. If you want a system where you choose your own programs, yet customization is easy, ‘Droplet’ is perfect for you. Features: SLiM to log you in; PCLinuxOS control center to configure your system; Synaptic to install programs and keep your system up to date; PCManFM, file and desktop manager; TinyCC to configure the desktop; Openbox, a window manager; LXPanel to keep track of the windows you have open; Nano, a command-line text editor.” The full release announcement is available at the project’s latest release page. Download: TinyMe-2008.1-Droplet.i586.iso (150MB, MD5).