NEW • Distribution Release: Mandriva One 2009 “Xfce”

mandriva Mandriva has announced the release of Mandriva One 2009, Xfce edition, an unofficial live CD featuring the Xfce desktop: “The Mandriva community is proud to offer another Xfce edition to the users. This edition is not a Mandriva product (so do not expect any kind of support directly from Mandriva), but has been completed with a great cooperation between the company and the community. We tried our best to provide the best experience possible using Xfce Live but so far some issues still stand. We do not consider those issues blocking, but we’d rather mention them here so you know what to do in case you encounter those problems. This edition contains bug fixes as available on the mirrors on 23 October, which should solve some installations and usage issues.” Read the rest of the release notes with details about the known issues. Download: mandriva-linux-one-xfce4-int-cdrom-i586.iso (632MB, MD5).