3.0 now in a browser with Ulteo!


the latest and full featured version of 3.0 is now
available through using a web browser with a single click of
a mouse. No download or installation process of the productivity suite
is required. This new service by Ulteo offers many benefits for users
of the productivity suite, and is compatible with any operating system
that can run Firefox 2.0+ or Internet Explorer 6.0+.

*Instant trial & collaboration*

Introduce 3.0 to others via email: invite them from
the Ulteo desktop to discover with just one click,on
the “Share” button and can give a personal tour of the program in
realtime. Invitations are sent via email and allow access in either
read only or full edit mode, simply by clicking on a link in the

Using Ulteo’s service, users can exploit features of
which may be missing from their current desktop software. For example, can read and write Microsoft Office files, and generate
.pdf format files without requiring any additional software. also reads and writes documents in OpenDocument Format,
the ISO-approved standard for office documents, which can only be read
in Microsoft Office after installing a plug-in.

*This new service is provided by Ulteo*

Ulteo powers the online version of 3.0:

The Ulteo Team. <>